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Decriminalizing Cannabis at the Federal Level?

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On Monday, republican representative from South Carolina, Nancy Mace introduced a bill with intent to decriminalize Cannabis at the federal level. The States Reform Act looks to be the next best hope for an industry yearning for a boon from the federal government.

The bill calls for regulating processed cannabis and products derived from cannabis like alcohol, shifting jurisdiction from the DEA to the ATF. Cannabis itself would be removed from the Controlled Substances Act. Raw Cannabis would be regulated like other commodity crops, such as barley, hops and grain. Raw cannabis is defined in the bill as including, but not limited to, the seeds, mature stalks, and cultivation of raw cannabis. So basically, harvested cannabis crops would seem to fall under this definition. Interstate commerce of cannabis and cannabis derived products would be fully allowed if the participating parties are in good standing with the state and have the proper permits. Speaking of permits, if you are already permitted to do cannabis-related business in your state, you will be able to easily obtain the federal permit to allow you to participate in interstate commerce. This is, in our opinion, the biggest boon to the cannabis industry that the federal government has proposed yet.

Another huge part of the bill is the expungement of non-violent federal cannabis offenses. This would wipe all trace of arrests, convictions, or adjudications from the record of anyone who has been processed for any non-violent offenses solely related or stemming from cannabis.

The bill calls for the implementation of a “track and trace” system that would track all cannabis shipments as part of an effort to keep products from falling into the hands of unauthorized or underaged individuals. The bill calls for setting minimum age of 21 years old to consume cannabis products.

Overall, after reading this bill we feel that it has the potential to garner some real bipartisan support. It seeks to implement a system similar to the one already in place to regulate alcohol, it intends to implement a form of reformative justice by expunging the records of non-violent cannabis offenders at the federal level, and it seems that it will allow states to continue operating as they are while enabling the interstate commerce that everyone in the industry would love to see.

Hope you found this informative and thanks for reading!

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