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Ordering testing with BlueLeaf

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Ordering testing with BlueLeaf

Now that you have completed your account registration and have access to your company’s portal, you can enter samples into the BlueLeaf queue for testing. Although it is not required to do so, it is highly recommended that you submit sample orders through your company portal to help us receive and process your sample in the quickest manner. Using the Create CBD Order function in the portal allows us to know exactly what your sample is and what testing you would like upon receipt.

After logging into your portal, click on the “Create CBD Order” button located on the purple taskbar on the left side of the browser window. Once at the order page you will see many blank spaces to input information. Begin by entering the sample name. The name you give your sample here will be what is displayed on the certificate of analysis once testing is completed and your sample is approved. After entering the name of your sample, click on the drop-down menu under “Sample Category” and select the most relevant sample type. *NOTE you will not be able to select any test profiles until you select the sample category. Continue filling in as much of the information as possible.

Once you are finished inputting all relevant information, click on the space that reads “Select Profile.” Choose the individual tests or test packages that you wish to be performed. The “Select Ancillary Services” space will allow you to select a rush option for any test you have selected. If you do not wish to rush any testing then there is no need to select an ancillary service. Below that box, you will see a check box for “White Label.” This is a topic that we will cover in another post as it requires another process to set up!

Once your sample is in the queue, all that is left is to pack it up and send it to us, or you can stop by and drop it off!

If you have any questions or concerns, as always, please reach out via email or phone!


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