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Action Limits used by BlueLeaf

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Action Limits used by BlueLeaf

This is the first of many posts to provide some insight into how we operate here at BlueLeaf. We frequently get asked the same questions by customers and thus we think it is appropriate to address these questions in a format that can be easily located!

What is an action limit?

An action limit, or action level as described by the FDA, is a tolerance level established based on the unavoidability of the poisonous or toxic substances in products meant for human consumption[1]. In simpler terms, they are limits set to ensure products containing these substances do not exceed a safe level, and if they do exceed a safe level they will not make it to the market. If the products exceed the limits established, then the FDA can take legal action to remove them from the market.

How does BlueLeaf establish their Action Limits?

As of 2021, BlueLeaf operates in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, which has no active regulation pertaining to action limits of potentially harmful substances used in the various parts of the Hemp Industry. Thus, here at UD, we look to states that have already established responsible guidelines and limits within their own Hemp and Cannabis industries via regulatory commissions. We do this in hopes of holding the Hemp and CBD industries of Kentucky responsible, and to protect all consumers from the possibility of ingesting products that could potentially be harmful to their health. As a provider of third-party analysis, we feel that this is a core responsibility of our business.
What harmful substances require action limits?
Action Limits are in place for five of the analyses we offer. Heavy Metals, Residual Solvents, Microbial testing, Pesticides and Mycotoxins all utilize action limits. The limits are displayed on every Certificate of Analysis that we produce, and if a sample exceeds any of the action limits set there will be a giant red FAIL on the Certificate of Analysis.

For additional information, please check out the provided source material. You can also email or call with any additional questions you may have! Thank you for taking the time to read this, and as always have a great day!